GMI Paragliding

GMI Paragliding

oldest full time school in the north-east



P2 certification

A 5 non-consecutive day program - all gear provided by the school.

$1,500.00 paid a day at the time ($300.00).

P3 certification

A 3 non-consecutive day program. $900.00 paid a day at the time ($300.00).

The pilot must have his own gear purchased through the school. The instructor will advise the student on the equipment best suited to his/her flying style - (wing - harness - reserve parachute - radio).

Though, helmets are available for training, it is preferable to bring your own for hygiene reasons - a snowboard or ski helmet can easily be purchased from Amazon at low cost. Motorcycle or bicycle helmets are not recommended.


PG/PPG certifications

The oldest full time Paragliding and Powered Paragliding school in the NE.

USHPA Certified

United States Hang Gliding Paragliding Association

USPPA Certified

United States Powered Paragliding  Association

GMI student landing

GMI Student taking off on tow

Student after tow line release

GMI Student on tow

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GMI student - Long Island